Appetizers & Tempura


Gyoza- 6 large Japanese pork dumplings served with ponzu sauce. Your choice of steamed or fried – 6.99

*Beef Kushi- Two skewers of New York Strip wrapped scallions grilled with teriyaki sauce – 7.59

Age Tofu- Deep fried tofu served with scallions and tempura sauce – 4.59

Panko Crusted Jumbo Shrimp- Four large jumbo shrimp, deep fried with wasabi tarter sauce or wasabi cocktail sauce – 6.99

Chicken Yakitori Chicken and scallion skewers grilled with teriyaki sauce – 4.99

*Beef Tataki- Very rare fire seared NY Strip steak served with ponzu sauce – 10.99


EDAMAME (SOYBEAN)-Soybean warmed and lightly salted – 4.29

Baked Mussels- Mussels finely chopped with masago, crab, spicy mayo, topped with eel sauce mixed and baked – 3 pc. – 5.99

*Sashimi Martini- Tuna, salmon, white fish, yellowtail, masago, daikon radish, avocado, green onion, sesame seed, served in a ponzu sauce – 9.99

*Tuna Tataki- Very rare fire seared sashimi grade tuna served with ponzu sauce – 10.99

*Spicy Seafood Salad- Sashimi grade tuna, salmon and crab on a bed of lettuce with a spicy mayo sauce – 9.99

Seaweed Salad-5.99

Teriyaki Chicken Wings- 6 teriyaki coated chicken wings double fried with just the right spice – 6.99

Sunomono Salad-  Choice of crab, shrimp, tako or combination – 6.99

Calamari- A generous portion of deep fried calamari with a spicy mayo and eel sauce – 6.99

Shrimp Tempura- Three jumbo shrimp with assorted vegetables – 6.99

Calamari Tempura-  Three calamari steak strips with assorted vegetables – 6.99

Chicken Tempura – Three chicken breast fillets with assorted vegetables – 6.99

Children & Senior Citizens

Children 10 years and under & seniors 65 and older. Include Japanese clear soup, flaming shrimp appetizers, garlic noodles, fried rice and hibachi vegetables.

Substitute Salad for Soup – 95¢

Hibachi Chicken                                10.99

Chicken Nuggets                               10.99

Hibachi Shrimp                                11.99

*New York Strip                               11.99


*This item is served using raw or undercooked  ingredients

*Consuming raw or undercooked meats, poultry, seafood, shellfish or eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness.